Subway MRD label generator:

Health and safety compliance for any food business is a key factor for the efficient running of the business. This task is challenging for many food retailers, especially for branded high street food retailing businesses. Due to the nature of the business, these food retailers need to invest in processes as well as people in order to meet the Health & Safety standards and satisfy the internal and external audit requirements.

Our state of art easy to use Subway MRD label generator helps you to maintain those standards with the minimal training required. Unlike some existing machines, Subway MRD label generator is GUI based, there is no chance someone prints a wrong label for the wrong product. It will keep you compliant all the time in regards to product labeling.

Usage fee: 400+VAT per calendar month


Pizzahut MRD label generator:

Pizzahut MRD label generator designed to help Pizza hut retail store operators in order to maintain the sensitive food product management and high food safety standards. Pizzahut label generator is standalone GUI software, which assist hut operators to track and maintain the products from the time they reached your store until they reach the preparation table. Please feel free to ask for a free trail.

Usage fee: 400+VAT per calendar month


Thaw & Serve MRD Lable generator:

Our Thaw & Serve MRD label generator is designed for non-core food retailers like fuel stations, convenience stores and coffee shops who also sells shorter life food products. In this area of retailing chances of errors in maintaining food safety standards higher compared core food businesses. Our easy to use label generator reduces the chance of errors made by the staff to ‘zero’ in the matter of coding the products. Conventional lable generators are just printers but not intelligent, our state or art lable generator can keep hold of the data. So that one can get the reports for food safety compliance, track wastage and orders generated automatically based on previous sales data.

Usage fee: 400+VAT per calendar month


Stock Management Software:

Our stock management software versatile and very vary advanced. With our software you can track each and every single item of stock and their expiry dates. All you need to do is just enter the stock deliveries and expiry dates, our software divides the whole lot into individual stock items and track them with integration of you sales systems. This automated software solution can save huge amount of manual hours and helps your to increase efficiency and profitability.

Usage fee: £399 per calendar month Only £199+VAT per calendar month

Initial training will be given to your staff to use the software at free of cost when you commit a minimum 6 months contract with us. Any updates and improvements will be provided automatically for all existing customers.